Music Unit

Music Unit is a music company whose activities (as label, producer and publisher) radiate from a central hub: its recording studio in Montreuil. Music Unit is fully owned and operated by artists who have come together for the purpose of nurturing that indispensible essence of music production: creation. 

Music Unit unites artists who have chosen to pool their strengths, knowledge, and talents, in order to create freely and share. Music Unit’s founders were inspired by United Artists, founded by Charlie Chaplin (with others) who, in the depths of the Great Depression, wanted to make films independently of the big studios.

Since its beginning in 2005, a time when Music Unit was still just an artists collective, the structure has come a long way. It has grown into a bigger, more multifaceted, more professional company. Although music is still at the core, supporting activities have also been developed: multimedia creation, project support, pedagogy, consulting, and marketing.

More than just a great tool for its founders’ own projects,  today's Music Unit is able to offer many services to others and is open to a variety of partnerships.

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